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This website hopes to share the story of what happened to

Wilbert Coffin. 

By Kathryn M. Campbell, Ph.D. 

Department of Criminology, University of Ottawa 


Funded by: 

University of Ottawa, Faculty of Social Sciences, Fresh Start Research Program, and Teaching and Learning Support Service, Blended Learning Initiative.


With assistance from Hanna Gabrielle Irwin (McGill University, University of Glasgow) and Chelsea Cox (Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa).


With generous support from the Anglican Parish of Gaspé, Québec

The following documents were extensively referenced for the podcast and website:

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  • Wikipedia – Wilbert Coffin –

  • The Canadian Encyclopedia – Duplessis Orphans

The following individuals were interviewed for this podcast:


  • Jules Bélanger, historian, resident of Gaspé, Québec.

  • Jean-Pierre Bernard, historian, resident of Barachois, Québec.

  • André Chretien, former police officer, resident of Gaspé, Québec.

  • Albert Patterson, cook, Gourmet Salmon Lodge, York River, Québec.

  • Cynthia Patterson, Anglican Minister and local historian, resident of Barachois, Québec.

  • Michel Pouliot, former pilot, resident of Gaspé, Québec.

  • Judy Reeder, niece of Wilbert Coffin, resident of York Centre, Québec.

  • Michael Rooney, lawyer and author, resident of Washington, D.C., formerly of Gaspé, Québec

  • Fabien Synnett, historian and businessman, resident of Gaspé, Québec.


The following individuals provided research assistance on this project:

  • Alexandre Audesse

  • Jordan Bateman

  • Cassandra Bergeron

  • Hope Germain-MacArthur

  • Dana Lin

  • Barry Marion

  • Charlene Marion

  • Mackenzy Paquette Brochu 

  • Marion Scott, Montreal Gazette

The following individuals provided research and recording assistance on the podcast and website:

  • Hanna Irwin, executive producer

  • Georgia C. Irwin, technical administration

  • Spencer Gilley, technical assistance, voice over (CKUT, 90.3 FM, McGill University, Montreal)

  • Dominique Ferraton, podcast editing, mixing, and sound design

  • Mira Burt Wintonick, editing assistance on episode 1

  • Gilles Laberge, University of Ottawa

  • Patricia Campbell, Computer Science, AI Research Fellow, Dawson College

Also referenced:


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